Buyers Agents

Buyers Agents

According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers who work with a buyer’s representative find their homes faster, while reviewing more properties in their search, than buyers who do not engage a buyer’s representative.

The fact of the matter is that any Realtor can act as a Buyer’s representative.




Why seek the services of an EXCLUSIVE Buyer’s representative?

• In most cases, the seller of your home will have professional representation; shouldn’t you?

• An exclusive Buyer’s representative has no listings, but has access to all listed properties through the Multiple Listing service. This affords the home buyer a representative who can objectively guide them through the entire home buying process.

• An exclusive Buyer’s representative is at liberty to disclose any and all information that may be advantageous to the Buyer. Whereas, the traditional/listing agent has a responsibility to the seller regarding certain information.

• An exclusive Buyer’s representative can provide you with the expertise you need through the entire transaction.

• The exclusive Buyer’s representative has only the Buyer’s best interest and protection as their highest priority.

• Exclusive Buyer Agency, Inc.’s agents are specialists in representing home buyers in all phases of the transaction.


What is “Exclusive Buyer Representation”?

According to an FTC study in 1983, 72% of all home buyers across the nation believed in error that the agent showing them homes was representing them. Since then most states have passed laws forcing agents to disclose who they represent.
An “exclusive buyers representative” is someone who solely represents buyers, someone who doesn’t work for home sellers and never lists homes for sale.

Who needs an Exclusive Buyers Agent?

* Buyers re-locating to a new city
* First time home buyers
* Buyers interested in maximizing their purchasing power
* Buyers looking for a lot and/or builder
* Buyers who want to protect their investment
* Anyone considering a real-estate purchase of any kind

How do we get paid for our services?

We are paid at closing from the proceeds of the transaction. Home buyers will not incur any additional cost or fees for our services. Imagine getting the protection of our services and experience without any extra fees!